DY294 Digital Transistor Tester / Semiconductor Tester

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Digital Transistor Tester DY294


  • Measure rich DC parameters of maniford semiconductors, e.g. diode, transistor, controlled silicon, FET.
  • Measure capacitor, varistor, DC voltage signal source
  • Measure 78 and 79 three terminal voltage regulator
  • Data hold, low battery warning
  • Complete with carry case and six 1.5V AA batteries
Function Range Display Scope Resolution Operation Condition
V(BR) 1000V 0-1999V 1V breakdown current < 1mA
200V 0-199.9V 0.1V breakdown current < 1mA
VCC(Set) 2A(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic2000mA Ib200mA
800mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic800mA Ib80mA
100mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic100mA Ib1mA
10mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic10mA Ib1mA
hFE 10mA(Ib) 0-199.9 0.1 Ib10mA
1mA(Ib) 0-1999 1 Ib1mA
1µA(Ib) 0-1999 1 Ib0.01mA
ICEO 2000µA 0-1999µA 1µA Vce 27V
78,79 three-pole constant voltage value 78xx/79xx 0-24.0V 0.1V Ui 27V

General Characteristics

Power AA 1.5V*6(UM3)
Product size 150*100*70mm
Product Net Weight 680g
Standard Accessories Leather case
Standard individual packing gift box
Standard Quantity per Carton 20 pcs.
Measurement of Standard Carton 450*330*413mm (0.061 CBM)
Gross weight of Standard Carton 22kgs