DY4300A 4-Terminal Earth Resistance and Soil Resistivity Tester

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 4-Terminal Earth Resistance Testers & Soil Resistivity Testers


  • 4 pole earth resistance measurement 0 to 20.99kΩ with min. resolution 0.01Ω
  • Auto ranging soil resistivity measurement 0 to 395.6kΩm
  • Series interference voltage Ust(AC only) 0~30Vrms
  • Measures frequency 400~500Hz
  • Measureing Voltage Um optional/auto-selected 10Vrms 94Hz, 105Hz, 111Hz, 128Hz
  • Test current maximum 10mA
  • Advance filtering method based on FFT(fast fourier transform) reduces noise interference
  • Compensation for residual resistance Rk
  • Data Memory 1000 sets
  • Conforms to CATIV 150V, CATIII 300V